Web 3.0

The Internet is evolving… here’s the next iteration.

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  1. Hello,
    I posted on your last blog post as an assignment for Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class and am also commenting on this one. My first thoughts after watching that are centered around how WEIRD it is what technology is doing. I didn’t know the internet had anything to do with the washing machine. It is known to all of us that the growth of the internet depends on the users However a lot of people don’t realize how many new users are added everyday and how many intellectual people and creative inventors partake in use of the internet. The outcome this foretells is that the internet will be each of our personal assistants. I use it for communication, organization, shopping, answers to questions, research, music, and movies. Not only that, but each day it teaches me something new. If I am astounded the 2.0 version of the internet now, I’m curious as to what the 3.0 version will be able to do for me. Thanks for sharing this video!

  2. Hello again! I was also unaware that the washing macine had anything to do with the internet, I find that to be strange. It is very true that the internet has become our assistants. It keep track of our favorite websites, what we like to listen too, and products we like to use. I have never thought about this before, but it is kind of creepy!

  3. Think of this example. Your washing machine is connected and knows when the electricity charges or power demands are low. It can then decide when to turn on. What about if it was connected to an online weather forecast or a thermometer outside? The air temperature or wind speed could help the washing machine decide how long to spin the clothes or, in the case of a combination washer/dryer, whether to turn on the dryer or not. It could even to send you an sms or tweet saying that the clean washing needs hanging out to dry… and quickly, before the rain comes.

  4. Hi! I have commented on your blog previously for Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class. I am very moved by this video you have posted. It is just so crazy how technology is evolving and web 3.0 is just the next step. It makes me wonder where technology will go from there. It seems to me as if web 3.0 is about to make all of our lives a lot easier. I liked the part about being able to already know and suggest the type of music I like and getting me to buy things that other people who share my interests have already bought because it is able to link together all kinds of information from different sources. This all just blows my mind and makes me excited about where technology is headed in the future. I especially cannot wait to use all this great technology to be a better educator in the classroom. I really liked this video because it has opened my eyes to something new and exciting.

  5. Hi! I am from Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. This video was a little shocking to me. I knew technology was advancing rapidly, but I did not know certain items were even effected by it. The washing machine being impacted by the internet was a little weird for me. Pretty soon everything we do will be done through the internet, and I am not sure if I am as ready as this as I should be. I guess I better start getting ready because it won’t wait on me. I am very curious on how the 3.0 version of the internet will change things. Thank you for sharing the video!

  6. Hello again from Dr.Strange’s EDM310 class. I thought this video was great. It is hard to imagine how much our internet will be able to do for us over time. Not only is 3.0 going to bring numerous new advantages to internet users but from there people will work hard and strive for a bigger and better internet. Hard to imagine! I use the internet everyday for various reasons; communication, school, research and online classes to name a few reasons. The fact the internet could potentially be linked to everything we do/use such as our washing machines is really mind blowing. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hello! I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 course here at the University of South Alabama. I have been assigned to your blog for the next few weeks. At the end of this assignment, I will be posting a brief summary of your posts on my own blog, which can be viewed at:

    The internet is by far one of the most fascinating things about technology. Just as said in this video, this technology is coming seemingly invisible, I often do not realize just how vast the internet truly is! I really enjoyed this video because it shows where internet has been, and it hints at where it is going as well. I sometimes wish that I had been around when the internet was first coming into the picture… that would have been such a sight!

    Thank you,
    Mattie Bearden

  8. Hey,
    My name is AnnMerritt Taylor. I commented on your most recent post last week. So here I am again. Happy to be back. I found this video to be really interesting. Like the students above who were previously enrolled in EDM 310, I had no idea that the washing machine was connected! It’s crazy to think about how many aspects of our lives are influenced by the internet. I am not paranoid about my world or the government, but I’m starting to understand why some people are and all of these conspiracy theories. I am no technological genius, but it makes me feel like if you were, you could take stalking to a-whole-nother level. You could monitor, all of their internet history, find out there likes and dislikes, monitor where their vehicle was driving, when they were using certain electronics in their home, and even when they were doing their laundry! ha ha. Wow, it’s crazy. I like to look at it from a different light. I think it can only continue to make our lives more and more efficient by connecting all of our daily activities.
    I will be commenting on what I read on your posts in my My Class Blog. Feel free to visit it anytime,

  9. My name is Rebekah, and I am commenting on your very interesting blog once again, as a part of Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. If you would like to read a summary of my comments on your blog feel free to do so by visiting my blog. I really enjoyed this video! It was both educational – i had no idea that washing machines were internet savvy now! – and informative. I learned a bit about how amazon and facebook make the internet more personal, as well as the potential that the web has for further expansion. My only question is: Do you think that the internet becoming “an omniscient being – capable of human intelligence” is a good thing. I am kind of timid on that thought, and would enjoy any comments on the topic. Thank you for an enjoyable experience!

  10. Hello again.

    I liked this video. It really makes you think about what can be created and how the internet contributes to it. I love the idea that, as you made an example of, washing machines and dryers might one day have the capability to “think” on their own.

  11. It is amazing to see how quickly technology has evolved over the past few years. Things that I never even imagined have improved dramatically with the advancement in technology. With washes and dryers now having such capabilities it makes me excited to see what new technology will be available in the coming years.

  12. What a long way we have come along! This blog was posted two years ago and is still accurate. Whoever made it was really looking ahead. It’s very exciting to see where technology is going. I hope I never find myself in a coma for long time because I would wake up to find that things have changed a lot.

    ~Eva (student in EDM 310)

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