Jared’s Roboraptor

On Friday Glenview School had the first assembly of the year.

Ray Mayes from the Waikato Museum was presenting a prize.  The prize was for the person who drew the best dinosaur for the Imaginosaurus competition. Jared won and got his prize.  He drew a Bitesasaurus and wrote about it.

Later he brought his Roboraptor to Room 11 to show us what it did and how it worked.

We thought the Roboraptor was amazing!

By Glenview 11

6 Responses

  1. That is SOOOOOOOO cool! Congratulations on your very cool prize! I would love one of those!

  2. Gee. What a cool prize. It looks like it’s pretty huge huge too. I wanted it to grab the piece of paper and rip it.

    Allanah K


    Appleby School


  3. Hi Room 11
    Didn’t Jared do well!! I am sure you enjoyed having this special visitor in your class! I am glad your classroom blog is up and running for 2011!

  4. We thought Jared’s dinosaur looked cool. Do they sell them in the shops any more?
    From Mrs McGhie and Room 16

  5. Wow what a cool dino your very lucky! 🙂

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