My Favourite Toy


My favourite toy is my Buzz Lightyear.  My teacher’s favourite toy is a rocket with a satellite.

I did a pencil drawing of Buzz Lightyear.

by Lucas

10 Responses

  1. I love your drawing Lucas. You must know Buzz Lightyear really well. You must have spent a long time playing with him.


  2. I like Buzz Lightyear too! I think he is cute! Your drawing is fantastic!


  3. Hi Lucas,
    Your drawing is fabulous, you have even managed to have it all in proportion which is a real challenge.
    It’s a shame the teacher’s rocket is not a bit bigger then Buzz could have fitted inside it, or on top of it maybe?

  4. Hi Lucas,

    Your drawing on Buzz light year looks so real , you have a great gift of drawing and a good eye for detail.

    Mrs Thomsen

  5. Hi Lucas,

    I really like your drawing , you are a really good artist and I enjoyed helping you colour in Buzz Lightyear.

    Peter T

  6. Non of are school could dawr as good as that.

  7. it was a very good picture

  8. I liked yor picture a lot!! Lucas.You put a lot of effort in to it WELL DONE!!!

  9. it is very good I have a buzz light year too.

  10. This a fabulous piece of writing, Lucas! You sure put lots of effort in it.
    -Alpha-Adventurer 2

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