The Castle

My favourite toy is a Playmobil castle because it has a draw bridge and a jail and a secret passage wall. You could bring it on vacation because it has a red handle.  My mum paid $5 at a garage sale. Then I had to do jobs to earn it.  If you buy it on the internet it is $144.99. That’s a lot of money!

by Peter

11 Responses

  1. Hi Peter,
    Your drawing is amazing! I love the fine details, especially that I can even see the chains that attach the draw bridge to the castle. One of my sons loves Dragons and Castles, his bedroom is brimming with them. Your mum certainly got a bargain at the garage sale, didn’t she.
    From Mrs J.

  2. Hi Peter, you are so lucky that your mum found that bargain for you. My boy is 18 now and we still have all his lego. I think lego is the coolest toy. Your artwork is amazing too. I am coming up to Hamilton soon. Maybe I will get to visit your school.
    Mrs K

  3. Hi Peter,

    Your detail in your drawing is so good, how you have planned it out and the lines for the bricks on your castle. When I saw the castle at the garage sale I knew you would love it because you love knights and castles.


  4. What fabulous drawing! Just amazing! I think you’re going to be pretty good with money as well!

  5. What a super picture Peter. Mrs T

  6. I like your castle, the wolf looks like a real wolf. From Baylie W

  7. dear peter
    you are the amazing cousin and a supper dopper drawer and the best cousin drawer that i know.


  8. Hi Glen View,
    I love your post because it sounds so cool to read. That is so good.If you want to see some of my work go to this website…
    From Byron 😉

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