Where Are We?

Last week Room 1 began learning about, maps, directions and position in maths. We used Google Maps to find our houses. Then we took a screenshot of our house and printed it out.

When everyone had a picture we went onto the AstroTurf. We imagined that the centre of the turf was Glenview School and that the end with the gate was North. Then we moved around and sat where we thought our houses were in relation to the school and each other. Lots of people lived close to school. A few people lived close to each other in the North. Darragh and Kate are nearly neighbours to the South East of school.

Next we have to check if we were sitting in the correct spot. We’re going to do this the old fashioned way, with a wall map and some map pins.

One Response

  1. Hi Room 1 and Mr F.,
    What a fantastically fun idea. I would love to try this with my class. Was it difficult to find your own houses? I wonder if you mostly live close enough to walk to school. At my school, we have a lot of bus pupils, so I think we would have a big spread on the field. I can’t wait to see more of this story!
    Mrs K

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