The Jets Soccer Trophy

On the last day of soccer my team, The Jets, got a big, big, big trophy it looks like this.

It is big for a trophy. We won it in 2011, but when I was looking at the people who won it a few years ago in 1984 The Ants won it. It’s a weird name for a team name. Man was I laughing. Darragh’s brother gave it to me and in two weeks I have to give it to Jacob. We won it because we got the most goals.

By Kate


4 Responses

  1. Kate, that trophy is huge, very impressive! Great that you are sharing it around, and I hope you have a super season again this year if you are going to play. (Whaea Jane from Mahana School)

  2. hey this is a really good idea, its very cool to see what the kids are doing. go room 1!!!!! from kate mum Sarah.

  3. Good work Kate.
    Room 1 is the best class isn’t it?

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