Did We Evolve From Monkeys?

Evolution is when things slowly change into different creatures. Were monkeys ever in the timeline of human evolution? I did some research and this is what I found out. But I saw not everyone agreed with the same thing!

Some people do think we came from monkeys because we look like them and they have some of the same abilities that we have. Like standing on their legs,holding things in their hands, climbing trees, peeling bananas, run walk move and making noises.

But some people don’t think we came from monkeys because we don’t have tails and because we still have monkeys and we don’t see them evolving into people nowadays.

Another thing that I found out is that someone said the earth has only been around for 7,000 years or so and it takes 1,000s of millions years for things to evolve.

I’m not disagreeing from any of them but what I learnt is that if you get a picture of you and then put a picture of your dad on top and keep on adding ancestors on to the pile until it’s so tall that you need to climb the Eiffel Tower to get to it, you might see it’s a monkey. If not well you need to wait another 1,000 million years to see if a monkey turns into a human.

Daynah M.

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