Cross Country

Warming up, just looking around at the puffed red hot faces drooling like dogs. Feels like eels swimming in my stomach. Walking up to the starting line. Clap as the two wooden blocks smack together. The noise of everybodys feet tramping like a stampede. Trying to get a good spot. All the girls trying to not get stomped over. All of us competitive while everyone else sits on a big roll of tarpaulin cheering us on. The teachers all around the cross country course pointing to us where to go. As we pass Mr Mangan on our second lap it makes me feel good. “One more lap,” I say thinking to myself. As I get to the cones I sprint. Running up as fast as I could. I feel so proud of myself because I did it non stop. As I sit down my face is brighter than a big round tomato.

All from Daynah.M

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