Arbor Day

On the First of June I went to a place to plant trees for Arbor Day. Even the Mayor of Hamilton was there and we were planting trees next to the Hamilton Zoo at Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage park. Only Four people from Glenview School came to Arbor Day. Five people were supposed to go, but Hone left Glenview School forever. We had to plant about 23 thousand trees. I Planted about 30 trees.
Then we all went back up. Me, Dallan, Brady, Mikaere plus Mr Hazlett all went to McDonalds to have a cone of vanilla ice cream. YUM!
We were meant to be back at school at 3.00PM but we got there 10 minutes before Break 2 was done. We were at school for about one and a half hours.
We had a great day planting trees and spending time off school.

By Zachary

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