The Science of Space

Space is a really interesting place, but dangerous because it carries no oxygen. It’s just like diving but when you’re in space you’re up in the air. If you’re going through to a different galaxy.It will take 100 light years.

Red Dwarf stars are smaller than our sun. Because of their small size, these stars burn very slowly, which allows them to live a very long time.  Some red dwarf stars will live trillions of years before they run out of fuel. Red dwarf stars only burn a little bit of fuel at a time. They are not very hot compared to other stars.  The temperature of a star determines what colour they are.  We can know how hot a star is just by its colour.

No way is our sun the biggest star. We may have heard that the sun is the biggest but it isn’t. W Cephei is the biggest star that scientists know about. It is 288,194 times bigger than Earth.

by Izac

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  1. I really love science especially space cool blog>

  2. Hi , I totally agree,I loved space when I did it in year 5 and really like your work…

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