World War I

My big question is…how the war started and why ? I want to know this because it has been ANZAC day and I think people should know why the soldiers went to war.

How Did World War 1 Start?

It started from July the 26th 1914 and ended November the 11th 1918 it went on for 4 years. It was called World War or the Great War.

1914- August 1st Germany declared war on Russia.

1915-August 5th the German captured Warsaw from the Russians .

1916-July 1st start of the battle of the Somme .
May 31st battle of Jutland.
December 7th Lloyd George becomes British Prime Minister.

1917- July 31st start of the third battle at Ypres .

1918- the war ended

New Zealand troops joined Australia to become ANZACs (Australia & New Zealand Army Corps). Nurses were also in the world war ,to help soldiers that were wounded . When soldiers and nurses left they had a farewell parade. Sometimes they left in a hurry or early.
The lowest age to go to war was 21. Some soldiers wrote a note book and sent it to the loved ones. Maybe if they were dying or they were writing everything at once so if they do die people could read about what had happened.  People have photos of all the soldiers and some people carry their soldier dairies around. One of the old soldier’s name was Dudley Muff (died on the 2 of january 1995 before his 95 brithday).

If you were wounded you would get taken back to the ship and  get treated before you got taken to land hospital .

If you died on the ship they would wrap you up into weights and throw you overboard and if you didn’t sink they would fish you out and put more weights on you .

Enemies put soldiers in jail and keep them there.  2200 New Zealanders became prisoners of war. That was the largest number captured in one battle in New Zealand military history.  Prisoners were feed dog biscuits broken up into little pieces and they only got a little bit of water each day from a small well .

Some people put up white flags to say that they come in peace to grab something from the battlefield .

Some people stayed alive in the war and returned but some never come home and their body remains where they died.  Crosses are in the ground to show people where soldiers have died. David Gallaher soldier and all blacks captain was killed in action in World War 1.

There are some remains of the world war like dug outs and trenches .

by Dion

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  1. I am very interested in World War 1! I am also interested in World War 2. I know a reason why World War 1.The Hungarian-Austria heir Duke Fernidand was killed on a visit to Serbia.But the killer was captured by Serbian police and died in prison.

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