My Wonderful Mum

My mum has the the most wonderful smile that lights up like shiny gold when she cracks up. But she has the most annoying laugh. It reminds me of of a chimp when it’s in danger. If she doesn’t have a coffee in the morning she gets angry, but then again I LOVE her like hot chocolate.
Mum hates doing the washing, but what she hates most is the smell and look of dad’s pillow!! It’s yellow. Yuck!!! Almost every weekend mum comes out of her bedroom yelling at dad about his pillow, but all I do is laugh.
Everyone hates her singing but she doesn’t know that. She sounds like a tongue that got stuck in the door.
Every month we do…. PINCH AND A PUNCH for the first of the month. I can’t get her because she is always first!!
What I love about her is she takes me to town and buys me McDonalds. When a song is playing in a clothes shop she dances and sings to it so I just walk off and hide in the racks of clothes. It’s so embarrassing!.
My mum is so special to me like my soccer medals.

By Kate

P.S. I have done some corrections.

2 Responses

  1. Your Mum sounds cool. I like to dance in the shops when I hear good music too. 🙂

  2. this is fantastic kate, thanks for all the lovely things you said about me i love to embarrass you. love Mum xxxx

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