1# Many Females of the Tussock family have no wings
2# The Hawk Moth is the fastest insect ever
3# Some Moth antennae are like birds feathers
4# Cecropia the moth is america biggest
5# Some moth caterpillar have such as ‘Io’ are covered in stinging hairs
6# Moths heat up their flight muscles by vibrating their wings
7# Moths are attracted to light
8# Male moths have bigger antennae than female moths
9# Hummingbird moths wings beat 70 time per second
10# Moths eat nectar
11# There are 160,000 species of moths in the world

Moths live in the bark of trees and on the bottom of leaves and plants.  Rachel has drawn a Moth in its habitat for readers to look at.

by Hannah

illustrations by Rachel

2 Responses

  1. Hannah and Rachel, your facts about moths show how much you learned and the illustration is fabulous! I will show your blog post to my students as an example of another way to share learning. I teach in Texas in the U.S. and our class blog is similar to yours. If you have time, we’d love for you to visit and leave a comment for us!

  2. Hello Hannah And Rachel
    I didn’t know anything Of these facts except that moths are attracted to light.One day I was away for a week and I left the light on and when I came back there was heaps of moths in my room.

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