Burma Trail

At camp we had an activity called the burma trail. There was a year 6 burma trail and a year 5 burma trail it wasn’t as scary.

I went with Simien because he’s my best friend in the class. We were the second to last group to go.

The first group went  and after a couple of minutes later we all heard girls  screaming. When they came back it  was two more groups to go till our turn. It was finally our turn. I was shaking but I was also excited.

We went outside. My group walked up to the trail and it was really dark and spooky. Then we had to grab onto a rough rope. We started walking and there was noises coming from the trees. When I was holding on the rope I was getting ready for something to jump out but someone grabbed our legs and shook them.

Then we’d finally finished we had to duck an electric fence. We went back to the boys dorm and we had to wait for the others to come back to the dorm.

by Dallas


2 Responses

  1. Dallas,
    I really like your Burma trail recount.
    You have included some really descriptive words like……. I was shaking but I was also excited. and grab onto a rough rope
    Maybe next time you could add some speech marks with someone talking to make it exciting and we thought maybe you could include another sentence at the end to finish it off…..like Our Burma trail adventure was over!

  2. hi Dallas, I liked your recount about the Burma trail.
    I liked this bit the most we had to grab onto a rough rope.

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