It’s sad to kill animals because animals are just like us. They have their own way of talking and own way communicating together.  They also have arms and legs like us.  Killing animals is just like an animal coming up to us and killing us. It’s just as painful. When people kill animals the animals that feel the most pain are dolphins, pigs and horses.  It still hurts other animals, but not as much.

So being a vegetarian is  good because we will get more dairy food.  It will mean that some people will lose their jobs and have to get new ones, but that doesn’t mean we should not be vegetarians. You should  just give it a try.

 By Hannah

3 Responses

  1. I agree with you Hannah i hate eating amimals but mum says i too young to be a vegeterian i always make sure hat the animals are free range and not CAGED great writting

  2. Kia Ora Hannah,

    I love you’re post about vegetarians. I know, it is so sad that the animals are just like us but they kill them. It makes me cry when they kill sheep and pigs because they are so cuddly and soft. I really want to copy it and put it onto my blog because it is so cool. I hope I hear more of you’re writing and I will comment on it if I can.

    From Byron

  3. hi hannah i do to a,m a vegatering too. know i now i know i will not kill

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