Cross Country

It was finally Glenview School cross country at the nearby park. On the 29th of May the whole school came together to run it.
First came the Juniors. I watched them speed around the field like a cheetah. My friend came third. Next was the middle syndicate’s turn. Mila came first she is also my friend. Then it was the year five turn. I felt scared. We warmed up. Then Miss Mau said, “line up”. Mrs McMorran had the clappers.
Clap,we were off! Feet were stamping. I was almost at the first corner where I saw Mrs Jennings. Puffing to the second corner noticing Mrs Martin . Leya whizzed to the front like a flash of lightning. I heard all the parents yelling. I was just going to slow down when Miss Pope told me to keep going. I was running like a greyhound. Speeding to Mrs Peden , she was saying, “You can do it”. I was running to do my second lap.
Speeding past all those cool teachers made me feel like I love running. I saw Kylie and Mac by my side. I was racing Kylie to the finish line. As our feet touched the line my heart was pounding like a beating drum. It was a tie! After that I got a drink. What a sporty day!

by Riley-Grace

2 Responses

  1. Kia Ora Riley and Grace,

    I love you post about you cross country because it sounds so awesome and interesting. Can you tell me, How many people are in your school went to the cross country in West coast cross country, when and how and what place did they come.

    From Byron

    P.S. If you want to see my blog, go to this website, and if it doesn’t work, just type it in. 🙂

  2. An awesome piece of writing Riley-Grace. I can imagine your heart pounding like a beating drum. I remember watching you start the race, you took off really quickly then got puffed out!!!

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