My Last Breath

Surfing on the blue waves. Crash! I fall off my surfboard. As I sink to the bottom of the sea my foot gets stuck between two rocks. I’m gasping for my last breath. I knew this was it. This was when I’m going to die. I knew sharks were going to find me because I was bleeding.

I close my eyes. I feel something poke my tummy. I’m too scared to open my eyes. Then it rubs against my foot. My foot.. it’s free! I swim to the top as fast as I can to get to the shore.

My friend Katrina says “Girl look behind you.”

I look behind and there are two dolphins.

“They followed you all the way.” says Katrina.

They helped me get safe to the shore.

by Alyssa

2 Responses

  1. What a cool piece of writing. I would hate to be stuck in that situation!!! Mr Mac

  2. Hello room one its Harry and Zhane from Melville Intermediate Theres just one Question I would like to ask was that an actual story?

    Harry room 5 And Zhane room 18 Melville Intermediate Hamilton

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