St Pius Rugby

At the rugby grounds my heart was pumping. We were warming up, passing, wrapping around the players perfecting the flaming fast pass.  My heart sang “Catch it.” I caught it. We dawdled over to the game. Everybody’s heart was pounding like a set of drums.

I got the ball  because our forwards pushed over the other  team like a bulldozer.  We passed the ball quicker than a speeding car getting chased by a cop.  Mark, our winger, dropped the ball. Oh no! They got a runaway try.  We Yelled  at Mark, thinking that we were going to lose the game… and we did.  I felt like I was doing most of the work.

I munched down my homemade cookies “Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.”  I could hear the sound of the cookies sliding down my throat. “Yum,” I said.

“Time to go,” said the coach, “Ice creams for everyone!”

We all shouted “Yes!” Everyone got a delicious ice cream on a cone with a flake.  I slurped up the best cone in the world.  We zoomed in the car  with our windows down heads out the window like a puppy dog.  Finally we arrived  back at school.  It felt like it had been years & years and my legs were extremely sore.

By Simien

3 Responses

  1. Simien, I love your use of strong active verbs in your writing. What a fabulous piece birthday twin. Mrs T

  2. Hi Glen View,

    I love your post because it sounds so cool to read. If you want to see some of my work go to this website…
    From Byron 😉

  3. Hello Glen View!

    My name is Joseph and I am from room 11’s blog

    here is our class blog

    I liked the story and I like the punctuation.

    by Joseph 🙂

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