The Day I  Went to Space!

“Ok everybody take your shoes off  and line up in a straight sustained line.”

“Yes today. Today is the day we visit space.”  I  tell Kylie with great excitement.

“Not really we are just going into a gigantic, grey puffy thing.” says Kylie.

“Ok everybody calm down. My name is Gloria and I‘m going to take you into space.”

“Well where’s the rocket? It can’t fit in this tiny grey dome,” Stella tells me.

“Now look up at the top of Starlab and look at all the stars.”

“Whoa!” I  hear everybody say.

“So this is the Southern Cross, the Pointers and Scorpio, If you can’t see them follow the red pointer. Ok now turn around and look at the big board” Gloria says.

We look at the board for about five minutes.

“Now lets remember what some of the stars look like” Gloria says. “ The Southern Cross, The Pointers and Scorpio,” everybody says in a formal way.

“Ok now I am going to show you meteorites.” Whoa! I tell myself.

Before I knew it we’re gone out of the starlab and lining up outside. “I  wish I could stay in space,”  I tell Kylie.

by Taya


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