Planets Out of Our World

Earth is where we live but we don’t know if there might be life somewhere else! We know nearly everything about our solar system so it’s time to find about another world.

There’s a rocky core planet in a different solar system that’s as big as Jupiter. We know about from using a spacecraft. Uranus was the last to be seen with the telescope.

Neptune was seen with the naked eye along with Pluto and the other dwarf planets. Our sun [Sol] is known to be the smallest star but it’s not, Sirius is!

Sirius is big but Sirius B isn’t. It’s only as big as Saturn! It’s so small you can only see Sirius. Betelgeuse is about to explode but it’s so far away it won’t reach us. It’s a red giant. Sirius and Sirius B are blue giants. Our sun Sol is a medium yellow star. So that means the stars are bigger than you think. More than 100 billion stars are in our galaxy. Galaxies make light in the black, dark areas.

By Khan Li. Flynn helped.(♂)     

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