On Friday I went to Inflatable World. I love Inflatable World.  It’s down Duke St in Hamilton.  Go straight past the SPCA. When you get there you should see a little picture with what it looks like inside.

Me and my cousin Cody backflipped off the rock climbing wall.  I was very scared but then I did it.

In the obstacle course I ran into on of the cross poles and I got a bloody nose.  My cousin Cody went flying off the UFO.  FACEPLANT!!!  Everyone was laughing.

Someone got off the UFO and it was my turn.  My time for everyone to laugh at me.  I got stuck in the net on the roof and then I went flying off and crashed head first into the rock climbing wall. I really hurt my head.

After that we got McDonald’s. While Matt was getting it me and Cody went on the massage chairs. Cody’s feet were getting jammed in the feet holding part.  We got eight minutes each.  Aaaah!

by Tori

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