The End

Ciaran, Shaune and Flynn found an Ender Portal. It transported them to The End. Today we went to The End. Standing on the Portal we felt nauseous. We felt butterflies fluttering in our tummies. When we went through it felt really fast like 1000kph. Numbers and times tables and rainbows were flashing by us. We dropped into The End. As we fell we could see Endermen heads with their mouths wide open. It was terrifying and we couldn’t breathe. We opened up our eyes and saw a confused Ender Dragon swooping down towards us. Ducking, felt the dragon’s talons clawing at our backs and ripping our t-shirts. The dragon flung us towards an obsidian pillar. We crash landed on an Ender Crystal on top of the pillar. Looking down we could see hundreds of Endermen with their mouths wide open. We jumped off the pillar and up in the sky we spotted another Ender Dragon. We dug down to try to escape and collapsed into a pit of sand surrounded by chests. To be continued… By Ciaran, Flynn and Shaune (kezza005, flynnster297, gg gamer)

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