Kids’ Commando Challenge 2014

On a freezing morning, I wanted to get back into my turtle shell, but I had to go to the Commando Challenge.  It was on the 5th of October.  When me and my excited family got there we watched the energetic adults finish their race.  I went over to practice the obstacle course for my race.  Then a voice that seemed to come from another dimension squawked over the loudspeaker.  Me and some other kids that were doing the race searched for the mystery voice, but it turned out to be right next to us, but the speakers were in a totally different place.


It was race time.   We all lined up in our age groups.   When it was my turn to race my heart was beating as fast a cheetah. ”On your marks, get set,Go!!”  I paced myself, slow and steady wins the race I said to myself. Slowly I noticed I was in last so I sped up and got into the top twenty.  I heard one of the adults say, “One more corner to go.”  So I raced myself to the obstacle course. I beat most people at walking the plank.  I dived under the net, I tied my  legs with elastic and hopped like a bunny rabbit and took off the elastic and raced through the slalom like a slithery snake. I went over the hurdles like a kangaroo.  The hurdle was about half a metre high. I thundered through the tyres like a thunderbolt.   Other people went through daintily, but I was in a hurry, like a monkey, to get to the finish line and get my banana.


As I crossed the finish line I heard a voice saying, “Cole and Harry just finished the Kids Commando Challenge with a time of 21 minutes and 32 seconds. ” My highlight of the day was meeting a gold medalist David Nyika. He is a boxer and I got a photo with him. His dream is to be the best of the best in boxing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 10.58.57 am

By Cole James Findon

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