A Good Night’s Sleep?

Camp on Google Maps

Miss B. said goodnight and the parents did too. Miss B. was next to the girls’ dormitory. She must have really good hearing because if you make a slight whisper she will be in.

It’s really cramped and squishy.  There were suitcases on the ground and if you rolled over you would be laying on one of your friends.  It was really hard to get a good night’s sleep.  People were getting up and going to the toilet. People were wriggling around (trust me, when you move the mattress makes a pretty loud noise). Eventually you will fall asleep.

The annoying part is you can’t get a sleep in.  The first one awake will wake up a friend so they’re not bored and then they will start talking and wake everyone up.

At seven in the morning Miss B. will come in and tell us to get up.  We have thirty minutes to get ready.  Then we go outside, do a head count and the teachers will pick the best line.  We go in one line at a time to have breakfast.  It was scrambled eggs and toast for me.

by Paige

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