My Nan

My Nan smelt like roses. Her skin was all crinkly like a snake. She never wore jewelry only a watch.

We used to make lots of sweets and play who’s got the handkerchief.

When we went shopping she would always give us chocolate. Every saturday she had fish and chips ,which was good for when we came around.

She loved to knit and craft. We used to sew. Me and my nan sewed a squirrel and started three guinea pigs. She once had three hedgehogs and she treated them like pets. 

My nan would always make time like when I had a grandparents day and so did my sister Erin.
My nan always came to christmas. She brought the best presents. Her Best friend was her sister. Every Saturday she had fish and chips, which was good for when we came around.

I love you Nan. So why did you leave?
By Cara