Where Are We?

Last week Room 1 began learning about, maps, directions and position in maths. We used Google Maps to find our houses. Then we took a screenshot of our house and printed it out.

When everyone had a picture we went onto the AstroTurf. We imagined that the centre of the turf was Glenview School and that the end with the gate was North. Then we moved around and sat where we thought our houses were in relation to the school and each other. Lots of people lived close to school. A few people lived close to each other in the North. Darragh and Kate are nearly neighbours to the South East of school.

Next we have to check if we were sitting in the correct spot. We’re going to do this the old fashioned way, with a wall map and some map pins.

Where Would You Go?

I found this advert on the Internet. Where would you go? What would you see? Who would you meet?

Write down your thoughts and send me your answers to michaelf@glenview.school.nz for publishing here. Add a picture if you like.

Mr F.

Nature by Numbers

Awesome geometry, Fibonacci and Golden Sections in nature.

We have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes in Room 11. We also looked at the patterns in numbers and times tables; and found the Fibonacci sequence. This video shows how some of the shapes and numbers appear in nature.

Mr F

Dino Glogster

Hi Room Thirteenians.  Would you like to present your dino reports like this?
Click the picture below.

See me for login details if you’re interested.

Mr F

Production Wordle

Hi Room 13.  I made a Wordle from your Production google document. Click the picture to see it full size.  What do you think?  Is there anything missing?  You can add ideas in the comments if you like.

Mr F.

Your Face in Space

My daughter knows I love everything to do with space and space travel so she sent me a link to this site.  You can be a part of space history and send your photo to space aboard the last space shuttle missions.  If you want to do it you’ll have to get a parent to help because you have to be over 13 to take part.

If you want to do this at school ask your parent(s) to write me a note giving permission.  I’ve already done mine and I can’t wait to get the certificate in November when STS-134 (Endeavour) lands back on earth.

Here’s me at school last year with astronaut Colonel Eric Boe.  He was the pilot of the Endeavour in November 2008.

Mr F.

BP Oil Spill Disaster

Do you remember the oil spill we were discussing a few weeks ago?  Well it’s still leaking.  Here’s what it wold look like if it had happened in Hamilton (click the map for a larger view).

Imagine all that oil in the ocean.  What effect do you think it will have on the creatures that live and feed there?  What about the beaches nearby?  How on earth are they going to fix it?  Add your thoughts to the comments.

Here’s the website where I found the map.

Mr F.