Bad Choices for Unhealthy Yummy Reasons

Everyone knows it can be hard to eat healthy foods because people get addicted to junk food and they forget about the better choices.

Did you know that veggies and fruits can increase you stamina so you don’t have to rest every ten minutes. That’s amazing.

Remember that if you eat too many bad foods you can get fat. So if you eat things that are bad for you, like sugar and lollies etc, you will start to get pockets of fat and then you start to expand. When you walk it’s hard because your weight is weighing down your own body.

There is a doctor called Dr David H Haslam who works at the National Obesity Forum. He says that carbohydrates are more damaging than butter or cream. Also sugar can give you diabetes and memory loss.


By Georgia

How I Broke My Arm

Today at 7:30am I broke my arm.

How I broke it
So I was on a stool and then I fell down on to the carpet with my body and the stool on top of my arm. Mum took me to Anglesea Clinic where a lady called Colleen checked my arm. We then went to the x-ray place called River Radiology. After we got the x-rays done we went back to Anglesea Clinic so they could check the x-rays.

I had broken my arm. They said it was called a green stick break. So they put a cast on and then my mum took me back to school.
Next Wednesday on the 20th of August I will get to choose a colour for my cast. I would like to choose the colour purple or blue.

By Taya

What Happens to Sprouts When You Eat Them?

By Edward

Taya’s Dinner Menu


Roasted veges with salad.


Lamb shanks with roasted tomato and boiled onions.


Fruit puree and boiled apples.


Smoothies, water, milk.

by Taya

Tori’s Dinner Menu


Salad with a side of roasted eggplant


Steak with carrots and peas.  Meat medium rare.  

For vegetarians – pumpkin soup with cauliflower puree and carrots.


Fruit salad – creamed apples and strawberries.


Sugar free smoothies, water.

by Tori


On Friday I went to Inflatable World. I love Inflatable World.  It’s down Duke St in Hamilton.  Go straight past the SPCA. When you get there you should see a little picture with what it looks like inside.

Me and my cousin Cody backflipped off the rock climbing wall.  I was very scared but then I did it.

In the obstacle course I ran into on of the cross poles and I got a bloody nose.  My cousin Cody went flying off the UFO.  FACEPLANT!!!  Everyone was laughing.

Someone got off the UFO and it was my turn.  My time for everyone to laugh at me.  I got stuck in the net on the roof and then I went flying off and crashed head first into the rock climbing wall. I really hurt my head.

After that we got McDonald’s. While Matt was getting it me and Cody went on the massage chairs. Cody’s feet were getting jammed in the feet holding part.  We got eight minutes each.  Aaaah!

by Tori

What a Lovely Spring Day

The shadow of the tree crowded over like a big monster. Its twisty, turvy branches reached across like big giant arms.  The wind was quiet and still.  The cicadas were so loud I couldn’t think.   The grass was dry, not a single green spot to be seen.  the sun was so hot it felt like I was laying in lava.  The helicopters slowly drifted to the ground.  There were no clouds at all, just a baby blue sky.

What a lovely spring day.

by Paige