Going to Australia

When I went to Australia we went to the zoo on Wednesday.  We looked at a lot of stuff.

Then my mum said, “Carla laa here is something you will like.” Then I turned around and it was a butterfly house.  We went inside.  It was so cool, but when I looked there was a big butterfly on my shoulder.

Then I said, “Get it off me!’ because it freaked me out.

“I thought you liked butterflies”, said mum. “Let’s get out of here!”  So we did.  Then we went to the fat spiders.  I got out of there pretty quickly because it was disgusting.

Finally we went back to our motel in Melbourne.  I really liked our holiday in Australia.

by MurCar

Australia Photo Story

by MatSav

Can anyone tell us the name of the superhero on the left in the last photo? We know Flash, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, but who is the woman with wings?

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Going to Australia Part 1

This Tuesday I’m going to Brisbane, Australia to see my cousins. I’m very, very EXCITED! We are going to Dreamworld, Movieworld and maybe Whitewater world. My cousins are Holly (11 years) and Emma (9 years). I am going to play with my Nintendo DS lite on the plane. I have been to Aussie 7 times.

by MatSav

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