Table Tennis

A hard, fast ping-pong ball going to swoop across the table.  I hit it as hard as I could!

words and picture by EllJac

Burma Trail

When we got to the Burma Trail it was icy cold.  I let go of the rope and fell on the bumpy and slippery ground.  I fell down ditches all the time.

When we got back to camp hot chocolate and biscuits were waiting for us.

words and picture by RonDar

At the Burma Trail

It was dim and dark at night.  I held on to the thick string, walking over the roots and through the trees, leaves crashing behind me, the wind slowly swishing on me.  It all happened at the Burma Trail.

art and words by WhiHan

The Climbing Tree

The tree is narrow, scratchy and tall.  I didn’t struggle to climb up the branches.  I felt thrilled that I got to the top.

words and art by LocPae

Burma Trail

In the dark, holding onto a long string.  Walking in dips I tripped into a tree.

words and picture* by HenJes

*crayon and indian ink, approx 30 x 40cm

Kayaking at Camp Karakariki

Kayaking at Camp

Kayaking at Camp

Way back in Term 1 we went to Camp Karakariki and went kayaking.  It was the Camp Rock Stars last activity of the day.

First we had to practice with our oar.  I was the first kid to get in the kayak.  I was in a single.

There was a tree stump in the middle of the water and we were only allowed up to there.

Then it was time to go, so we went back to camp and then we went on the playground.

by GatMic

Camp Karakariki

At camp my group was called CAMP ROCK!

Me Climbing the Tree

Me Climbing the Tree

We did lots of activities.  One of the activities was BMXing.  Mr Fawcett showed us how to go over the hills on a bike.  Then four people from CAMP ROCK got a BMX bike and one person went at a time.  Everyone had a few turns going around the track.

Loading the gun

Loading the gun

Soon we had to move onto shooting.  Shooting and archery were a lot of fun.

My favourite activity was the tree climb.  It was my favourite because it was my first time climbing a tree.

One of the camp parents had to hold onto a rope.  One person went up the tree at a time.  Everyone had a go.  Some of us made it to the top.  I did!

I had a fantastic time at camp.

Writing and illustration by HemReb