Rarotonga Dollars

In the summer holidays I went to Rarotonga and I got Rarotonga money.  It’s triangle shaped money.  Mr Fawcett said he had never seen any money like it before.  Rarotonga money is way different to New Zealand money.

By Nathan

Samoan Dollars

Last year my dad went to Samoa on a plane.  Then he got some dollars from a friend.  He got four dollars.  There are two $1 coins in the photo.  Each coin has seven sides.  The King of Samoa is on the head side and a shield is on the tailside.

by Stevie

Daffodil Day

Last Friday was Daffodil day. We brought coins from home and taped them to our chart. Here’s our class total for the day.

Daffodil Day Coins

Daffodil Day Coins

How much did Room 9 collect altogether?  If all the other classes collected the same amount – how much did the school have to send to The Cancer Society this year?

Add your answers to the comments.

Mr F