30 000

On Friday 1st May Room 9 had a celebration because we had the thirty thousandth visitor to our blog.  It was during the holidays on April 17th at 4:50:41 am.  They came from Madrid in Spain. 30000-2

We had party table cloths with balloons on and we had delightful, delicious cupcakes.  Each cupcake was covered in white icing.  They had a candle (red, green or purple) and some little silver sugar balls.  There were 30 cupcakes and each one had ten silver balls on and each silver ball stood for one hundred visitors.

Ready with the extinguisher...

Ready with the extinguisher...

Miss Pope stood by with the fire extinguisher just in case.  Mr Fawcett lit the candles and we sang a Happy 30 000 song.  Then Mr Fawcett took some photos.  With a powerful breath we all blew out the candles together.desktop

Finally we went outside and ate our cupcakes on the deck.  They were more than delicious, they were scrumptious.  We’ll have our next party at forty thousand visitors.  We can’t wait!

by Room 9

Thirty Thousand Page Views


It doesn’t seem long ago since Room 9 did this last year, but I just checked and our class blog has had 29, 169 visits. It took 3 years to reach 20,000 and just 6 months to reach nearly 30,000 visits.

On April 4, 2009...

On April 4, 2009...

We have about 100 visitors every day from all over the world, but that won’t be enough for us to reach 30, 000 before we finish school on Thursday afternoon.

It looks like we’ll have to celebrate our 30, 000 milestone after the holidays.  Well done to everyone who has published their writing, artwork, photos or movies.  Special thanks to the Room Niners, parents and family who have commented on blog posts and an extra special thank you to all the people in New Zealand and around the world who have visited and commented.

Cupcakes all round next term! [shall we make them and bake them ourselves?]

Mr F.