Doing Da Vinci on Discovery Channel

Check out this link about making the machines that Da Vinci designed but didn’t build.


Doing da Vinci

You can watch the programme on the Discovery Channel on Monday evenings if you have Sky TV.

Mr F.

Mirror Writing

Leonardo Da Vinci was an inventor, scientist, painter and sculptor in Italy and France.  He painted the Mona Lisa.  He designed and invented lots of things like cars, robots and diving suits.  He really wanted to invent a flying machine that worked, but nobody is sure if he ever built one that flew.  Leonardo used mirror writing so no one could copy his ideas. He died in 1519.

Here are some Room 9 students doing mirror writing as handwriting entries for our Learning  Journals.

Mirror Writing

Mirror Writing

We chose a poem from a school journal and copied it out in reverse.  I was really difficult.  Some people wrote theirs out and traced it on a window.   Then the poems were stained with coffee and tea to make them look old.  Finally we went over our writing with a black pen.  Here are some of them (click on them for a larger view).  Can you read them?

image0-7 image0-8 image0-9 image0-10 image0-11

By Room 9