Room 13 have been making dinosaurs from soda bottles, card, parcel tape, kitchen roll and PVA glue.  Here are a few to give you a better idea about how they are made.  More to come soon…

Room 13


A plesiosaur is a member of the sea reptile family and the name Plesiosaurs means “close to lizard”.  A plesiosaur is not a dinosaur.  Instead it’s a sea reptile.

A plesiosaur has 2 front flippers, 2 back flippers, a short tail, sharp pointy teeth and a very long neck.

They were mostly found in Europe and probably lived about 200 million years ago. Plesiosaurs are found in shallow seas and even freshwater lakes.

They are very fast and they had curved teeth useful for catching fish, but not for chewing or crushing. It’s also likely that they caught and ate the squid-like creatures that existed at the time. Some plesiosaur fossils have stones preserved in the stomach area, showing that they swallowed stones (called gastroliths) to grind up food in their stomachs.

They were able to dive down, but they fed near the surface and had no need to go deep. Being reptiles they had to breathe air, so there would have to be good reason for them to leave the surface for a very long time.

Right now there are no more because they are extinct.

by RobNad

Dino Glogster

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The Weekend in Auckland

Sue the T-Rex

Sue the T-Rex

On Saturday, in Auckland, I had two choices.  Number one was to go to the museum.  Number two was to go to the star dome thing.

I chose the museum and it was really cool.  I saw a green moray eel and a moa.   I saw the dinosaur bones from the T-Rex named Sue.  I found out that the female T-Rex on Walking with Dinosaurs was Sue.  I also found out that the Auckland Zoo once had a male elephant.

I saw a species of Salmon in the Weird and Wonderful and in the Wild Child we saw a stuffed stoat or a ferret.

The next day was sunny in Auckland so I decided to go to the park.  When I was going out I saw a weta in the hole of the gate.  When I was on the bridge I saw fish in the stream.  I rushed to get my net.  I rushed down to catch one.  I kept on missing, but at the end, when I saw one under the weed, I caught one.

Later on we went to the pet store to get a pet. I saw some snake head turtles and some blue tongue lizards and a white goggley eyed fish and a bearded dragon and a litte puppy labrador.  Kelly decided to get a Siamese cat.  It meowed a lot in the car.  It was very shy.  When I last saw it she was in a corner.

I would have liked to have got a snake head turtle.

Illustrated and written by EllLog