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Josh likes playing cricket and versus lots of hard teams. He’s 11 years old and a Year 6. He plays for Boys High A.K.A Old Boys.

When he gets nervous he flicks himself with his rubber band that he keeps on his wrist .

His cricket bat is a Puma brand . So is his red cricket ball.  He and his Dad practise everyday. That’s how he gets player of the day so often. He also has a secret power to control the ball when he’s bowling.  Sometimes he organises a game at school in the breaks.

His current school is Glenview Primary, but he wants to go to Hillcrest School because his friends next door go there and because there’s nice teachers, not like Ms Kai.

He likes spaghetti bolognese and spicy noodles. People think that’s disgusting.

By Ciaran, Year 5

Warriors of Apocalypse

‘’They won’t stop coming, It’s almost as if they are multiplying behind my back.  I’m so tired of running away.”  I knelt down and thought out loud, I need to get out of the swamp quick, I’ll get eaten alive. I noticed my arms were mutating faster, so I ran out of the swamp in search of civilisation.

I noticed some smoke rising in the distance. I trudged through the grassy swamp until I got to some smoky ruins. I could hear lifeless groans surrounding me… a big herd of zombies was slowly creeping up behind me.

I raced up to the town, but it was deserted. Windows were smashed, cars were burning in the middle of the road.  Destruction was spreading like a bloody wine stain on a clean tablecloth.

I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a cracked window and realised in horror that my eyes were turning crimson! I felt a weak claw scratch my shoulder I turned my head and saw that a huge mob of angry undead was coming my way! ‘’Aahhh!’’

I sprinted away, but there were so many of them everywhere. I realised that I had run into a blind alley and I knew  was no time to turn back, this might be the end. Pressing my hands up against the back wall, I felt an assemblage of steam pipes bolted to the wall and realised there was still hope.

I grabbed a steam pipe and tried to rip it of the wall, but it wouldn’t budge. I placed my foot on the wall and pulled as hard as I could. I felt the bolts loosen, the zombies were getting closer and closer. I tore at the pipe and it finally extracted itself from the wall. I turned to the undead and started to clout them down to the ground! I escaped from the dead end with a smack of my pipe and, with the words ‘’Not safe here,’’ in mind, I abandoned the town.

I roamed for hours until I came upon an expanse of tundra. The dry sandy air blew into my eyes and blinded me.  I lost balance and passed out….

Suddenly I woke up and saw a blurry silhouette of a z…z…zombie? My eyes adjusted to the light. No, it wasn’t a zombie, it was a guy.

“Hey, hey wake up. Are you alright?’’ whispered the mysterious guy.

“Yeah I guess…’’ I looked past his face and saw four other people.

The mysterious guy started talking again. ‘’You managed to make it to our refuge alive! You are now a part of the Warriors of Apocalypse Gang. What’s your name’’

‘’Marzia,’’ I answer.

‘’Great! My name is Felix and this is Marcus.  I have something to fix your arms, but anyways welcome to the gang.”


                                                                                       THE END…


Maths Roundup

This morning we reviewed some of the maths we’ve done this week.

What maths have you been learning?

Teacher Shake

We made our Glenview Shake video a couple of weeks ago. A couple of us wanted to make a Harlem shake with our teachers. So we went to Mr Mangan and asked him if he would lead the dancing. He said he would if ALL the teachers would do it.
Me and Ethan wrote an email to all the teachers and Mr F sent it to them. Eventually everybody agreed to do it, even Mrs Thorburn who has a sore foot.
So this morning, after assembly, teachers did the Harlem Shake. Thank you teachers for goofing around in front of all the kids and some parents were watching too.

This is the Glenview school staff doing the Harlem Shake.
If you did not know it is our Principal at the start.

Glenview Shake

In assembly last Friday Room 16 showed the whole school how they had been doing the Harlem Shake for fitness. We were so impressed that we decided to do a Glenview Shake of our own.

Later we got a message on twitter that Room 5 at Melville Intermediate had seen our Shake and wanted to reply. The made their own Shake video. You can see our video on the whiteboard in the background.
You can see it here on their blog.
What about you? Have you made a Harlem Shake video? Share it with us in the comments.

By Room One

Hard Workers

It sure was hard work cutting down trees in the late 1890s. Look how tired and grumpy this guy is.

These three brothers look like they’re ready for a rest and a big dinner.

At least they get to relax in the evening with a family sing song around the piano.


By Room One

We’ve Been Away

Guess what we’ve been up to….