Classroom Layout

Room 9

I spent a good deal of time this year moving cupboards, shuffling desks and recabling computers in their new positions.  What a difference it makes having the computers away from the door.

Then this morning I noticed a tweet on Twitter from @techieicebreaker to @dwarlick.  It was a link to a wiki called Inspired Classrooms.  The wiki contains links to five short videos (7 – 19 mins) describing effective ways to set up your classroom, paying particular attention to the positioning of computers.  The videos were made in 2006, before netbooks were widely available, but the same layout could be used with netbooks or laptops.  For the cost of a desktop you could probably add 2 netbooks, possibly adapting the layout to suit.

A final note… if this cheap Indian “device” turns out to be a reality everything will change.