1# Many Females of the Tussock family have no wings
2# The Hawk Moth is the fastest insect ever
3# Some Moth antennae are like birds feathers
4# Cecropia the moth is america biggest
5# Some moth caterpillar have such as ‘Io’ are covered in stinging hairs
6# Moths heat up their flight muscles by vibrating their wings
7# Moths are attracted to light
8# Male moths have bigger antennae than female moths
9# Hummingbird moths wings beat 70 time per second
10# Moths eat nectar
11# There are 160,000 species of moths in the world

Moths live in the bark of trees and on the bottom of leaves and plants.  Rachel has drawn a Moth in its habitat for readers to look at.

by Hannah

illustrations by Rachel

Where Would You Go?

I found this advert on the Internet. Where would you go? What would you see? Who would you meet?

Write down your thoughts and send me your answers to for publishing here. Add a picture if you like.

Mr F.

Team Energize

After morning tea today the Year 3s went to our new AstroTurf. We met three people that were part of Team Energize, Anton, Sarah and Dane

We went to play some games with Dane.  Room 10 was with Sarah and Room 9 was with Anton.

We played games called Blast Off, Connect, Partner Tag and Numbers. We played all those games in about 40 minutes.

We had lots of fun playing games with Dane. At the end we were hot and thirsty.

by Room 11

Smiles for Christchurch

We are writing letters to a school in Christchurch as part of ‘chip-in for Christchurch” day on July 15. In our letters we are including a QR code to a YouTube video we made- “Smiles for Christchurch“.  You can see the video below.

by Room 11

My Giant Carrot

I got this carrot from my mum’s brother in laws’s dad’s garden. They grew a small pumpkin and peas. My cousin Erin goes there with me.  She took me around the  house to the garden.  She showed  me the vegetables and fruit.  Then she showed me the carrot.  I said we could have it for dinner.

by Stella

Rohi the Kea

Room 11 have had a special visitor in class for nearly two weeks.  Rohi the Kea came all the way from Auckland and is now moving on to Raumati Beach.  You can read about her and her further adventures at this shared blog – Rohi’s Travels.

By Room 11

My Nana’s Zucchini

My nana grew a huge zucchini in her garden.  My mum said take the giant zucchini to school.  It looked so good that I had to eat some.  Jorgianah ate some too. You can see the bite marks.

by Hail