Stock Car

On Friday Glenview School had a Stock Riding Car at school.  Mr Fawcett asked me to take some photos.   The lady driver asked if I wanted to get in the car.  I did.   It was fun.

by Joe

Samoan Dollars

Last year my dad went to Samoa on a plane.  Then he got some dollars from a friend.  He got four dollars.  There are two $1 coins in the photo.  Each coin has seven sides.  The King of Samoa is on the head side and a shield is on the tailside.

by Stevie

Mighty Beanz and Lego Man

Mighty Beanz and a Lego man.  Mighty Beanz have a track to play on.  My friend Bradley has one. The Lego man is my favourite one because he has a fire-fighter’s uniform and a building hat and the best thing is it is red. Hamster Bean is so cute. My good one is Nerd Bean because snot is coming out of its nose.  Buff Bean likes to exercise in the middle of nowhere! And Ally cat is vicious like any other cat.

by Kate

P.S. The pictures are blurry because the lens of my phone is dirty.  It used to be my dad’s phone and it is old.  He gave it to me because he got a new phone and it is way smaller.  My phone is a Nokia E65-1.  It is a slide phone.

Dino Glogster

Hi Room Thirteenians.  Would you like to present your dino reports like this?
Click the picture below.

See me for login details if you’re interested.

Mr F


Today we had a Skype video call with Winton School near Invercargill.

Room 4’s school have started wearing sunhats and wanted to know what we did with ours to stop people from losing them.  We said that all our hats are named.  Room 4 couldn’t add names to their hats because they belong to the school and are part of the school uniform.  They can’t write on the hats or do anything that might mark them.

We’re having a big think about what to do and will call them back later in the week.

Room 13

We’d also like to connect with other classrooms around the world.  Drop us an email or leave a comment if you’re interested.

Production Wordle

Hi Room 13.  I made a Wordle from your Production google document. Click the picture to see it full size.  What do you think?  Is there anything missing?  You can add ideas in the comments if you like.

Mr F.

Your Face in Space

My daughter knows I love everything to do with space and space travel so she sent me a link to this site.  You can be a part of space history and send your photo to space aboard the last space shuttle missions.  If you want to do it you’ll have to get a parent to help because you have to be over 13 to take part.

If you want to do this at school ask your parent(s) to write me a note giving permission.  I’ve already done mine and I can’t wait to get the certificate in November when STS-134 (Endeavour) lands back on earth.

Here’s me at school last year with astronaut Colonel Eric Boe.  He was the pilot of the Endeavour in November 2008.

Mr F.