Hi guys my name is Fudge, but my real name is actually Farley Drexel Hatcher.  I have a deafening toy train, it’s really fun to play with.  My older brother Peter thinks I’m irritating.  I live in a old apartment building in New York City.  I live on the twelfth floor with my mum, dad and Peter,also Dribble, Peter’s pet. Dribble is a quiet little green turtle that basically sleeps on his favourite rock, he also lives in a glass bowl.

written and illustrated by HemReb

Captain Underpants

Library Choice


Library Choice


I picked this book from the library because I like reading Captain Underpants.  I’ve read the second one and the third one and I haven’t read the first one, but I want to read the fourth.  The third one is in 3D and comes with a disk.


Bokks 1 and 2

Books 1 and 2

[UPDATE] 13/02/09 My friend DunHar brought in these Captain Underpants books this morning.  We both like them.  We read them so much that some of the pages fell out at lunchtime! 


by PedHun

Meet Dav Pilkey