Last weekend me and my mum went rollerskating.  When I was rollerskating I fell over and scraped my leg.  Boy it was sore.  It made a big mark and now it feels like sand stuck to my leg.  It does not feel sore anymore.

written and illustrated by RoyCla

Stake Musical!!

Me - Ready to Dance

Ready to Dance

On the 22nd of August we went to our stake musical.  A stake musical is where every ward gets given a musical to peform.

My ward (called Mckay) performed the Wizard of Oz.  My uncle’s ward was doing singing in the rain.  My dad’s friend was doing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  His name was Tau and he was one of the main characters.  My sister was doing the song Bad by Michael Jackson, I was doing this random song and my mum was doing a song called Switch.  My other sister was a host.  Also Buuj and Nat, her friends, were hosts.  My dad was the manager.

It started at 6:30 sharp, but everyone had to be seated at 10 past 6.  The first song was Michael Jackson’s Thriller, peformed by my uncles and my family.  Also Jane peformed too.  I can’t remember who the first branch (a smaller verson of a ward) was but they performed The Sound of Music.

I can’t remember the order, but when it was our turn I was so nervous.  When I got on stage I was freaking out.  The junior primary just did a dance about one of the wicked witches, the senior primary did a song about OZ.  The whole ward danced with the relief society.  I kind of forgot the dance.

Before our ward went on we did All for One, a song from High School Musical 2.  When our ward was finished we did a song from Hairspray. I can’t remember who the wards were after us.

At the end of the night we packed up.  I went to bed at about 12:30 at night.  I had a fantastic time at the stake musical.

by HemReb

My Garfish and Crab

Garfish & Crab

Garfish & Crab

On Sunday me, my mum and some of my friends went  fishing out at Raglan Wharf.

We didn’t have any success so I went crabbing we caught a HUGE CRAB.  At the end we looked at two boys catching heaps of garfish.  We watched sombody put down one of the garfish.  I asked somebody if I could have one.  He said yes.  Harry asked my mum if he could have one my mum said, “Well you should ask him.”

The weekend after next I am going fishing again at Raglan Wharf and next time we may get a fish.  Next time it may be a Garfish.

by EllLog

My First Game of League

It was as cold as ice at Fairfield Park with only shorts on and a top.

The game started.  Our first half of the game we got puffed and nervous while people cheered for us.  My friend passed the ball to me.  We were tied 5 all after I got a score.  I got the ball and I got tackled.  I passed it to my friend.  He kicked the ball then I ran up, caught the ball and SCORED.

Finally it was half time.  We had a drink of water.  The second half began.

They kicked off.  I caught the ball and ran off and got tackled.  Their shoulder went straight into my tummy like a bullet.

My friend said, “Are you alright?”
“Have a break.”

“Are you alright?’ said the manager.
“Have a break and then go back on.”

Oh no!  They score.  No!  They get another score. NO!  WE LOSE!

by RahCon

Kayaking at Camp Karakariki

Kayaking at Camp

Kayaking at Camp

Way back in Term 1 we went to Camp Karakariki and went kayaking.  It was the Camp Rock Stars last activity of the day.

First we had to practice with our oar.  I was the first kid to get in the kayak.  I was in a single.

There was a tree stump in the middle of the water and we were only allowed up to there.

Then it was time to go, so we went back to camp and then we went on the playground.

by GatMic

The Sparrow

Today I was visiting my Nan’s house in Hamilton. My cousin came over to see my Nan with her two children Azra and Brayden and a little girl called Natalia. They were very funny.

Emma decided it was time for her to go as the children were starting to get tired. When Emma backed the car out of Nan’s drive-way I noticed something on the drive-way where the car had been.  It was still moving.  I wondered what it could be.  When I went up to it I discovered it was a sparrow. I was amazed it was still alive!

I ran into my nana’s house and said, “Hey there’s a sparrow on the drive-way and it’s still alive”.  Mum and Dad came running out to see.  The poor thing was shivering because it was so terrified.

My Mum said, “Quick go and find a warm cloth to wrap it in”.  My mum picked up the trembling sparrow and put the bird under her jacket to keep it warm.  My nan and I found an old warm cloth and mum and I wrapped the sparrow in it.  The sparrow as still trembling as we got in the car to come home.  Mum and dad let me hold on to the bird in the cloth as we where driving home.  All the way home I was talking to the little bird.  The sparrow kept opening and closing its beak as we were driving along.

When we got home we quickly ran to find a shoe box and an old towel and we put the sparrow in it.  The poor little thing was still terrified.  We put the box in the laundry where it was nice and dark.  Every ten minutes we kept checking on the bird.  Slowly it started to stop trembling.  About two hours later we opened the laundry door.  The sparrow had started to move.  I thought the sparrow was starting to get better.  The sparrow had started to sit up.  We went out of the laundry for about ten minutes.

When we came back the sparrow was sitting on the edge of the box.  When dad and I went back into the laundry the sparrow flew into the air. Dad got a big fright. I WAS HAPPY.  The sparrow was close to the window now, wanting to get out.  My dad was trying to open the window and the bird was in the way and it pecked him. Dad said, “OUCH!  That bird just pecked my finger and it hurt”.  Mum and I laughed. Dad finally got the window open and the sparrow sat on the window handle for a few seconds and then flew out the open window.

When I went outside I saw the bird flying to freedom.  My mum said, “That is as close to nature as you will ever get”.

By JesLue (via email)

Going to Australia

When I went to Australia we went to the zoo on Wednesday.  We looked at a lot of stuff.

Then my mum said, “Carla laa here is something you will like.” Then I turned around and it was a butterfly house.  We went inside.  It was so cool, but when I looked there was a big butterfly on my shoulder.

Then I said, “Get it off me!’ because it freaked me out.

“I thought you liked butterflies”, said mum. “Let’s get out of here!”  So we did.  Then we went to the fat spiders.  I got out of there pretty quickly because it was disgusting.

Finally we went back to our motel in Melbourne.  I really liked our holiday in Australia.

by MurCar