Lunchtime Waste – Weeks 7 & 8


These are the final photos from Term 3.  You can see that there’s been a real improvement since week one, but there are still lots of troublesome plastic bags and packets.

Next term we begin to recycle paper as part of our Enviroschool focus.  I wonder if we could concentrate on getting rid of all the plastic we bring to school as wrappers and packets for our morning tea and lunch.

Mr F

Lunchtime Waste

Room 9 have started to look at our school environment and find ways to make it better.

One of the ways we can improve it is by reducing the amount of waste and rubbish we have at school.  We started by collecting our waste on Friday*.  Here’s what we discovered (click the picture for a LARGER view).

Lunchtime Waste

Lunchtime Waste

What do you think?  Is there anything we could easily get rid of?  Which items can be recycled or composted?  Which items can’t be reused or recycled?  What would a week of waste look like?

*not included – morning tea waste

by Room 9