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Aled de Malmanche plays for the Chiefs and the All Blacks.  What an awesome guy!

All Blacks Training

All Blacks AutographsToday 7/9/09 the Glenview Rugby team went to Waikato Stadium to watch the All Blacks train!

I took my Melville Rugby hoodie to get signed.  It got signed by DC (Dan Carter), Mils Muliaina, Joe Rokocoko, Richie Mccaw (c) and Tony Woodcock.

We saw the backs catching and kicking, and we saw the forwards doing line-outs and scrums.

It was really exciting. The most exciting part for me was getting the signatures from the All Blacks.

by SteMat

Player of the Day

Player of the Day

Player of the Day

Last Saturday I played Rugby.

I play for Melville and we played Varsity. I got 7 tries and player of the Day. My position is wing. For player of the day I got a ribbon, then we went to the club rooms at 5.00 and I waited for my name to be called out and they told me to come up and get my hoodie. It has Melville and Player of the Day on it.

By SteMat

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A Letter From Richie McCaw

richie blur edit

We all got a letter

On Monday we got a letter from Richie McCaw.

It asks us if we wanted to play for the Small Blacks.  We all said yes!

We play for Melville.  We play Rugby – it’s just what we do.

by SteMat, NatKan and ???
[image altered and “name” withheld at parental request]

Meet the Chiefs

"they gave out posters and balls"

"they gave out posters and balls as rewards"

Yesterday we had an assembly in the hall to meet two of the Chiefs.

When we were all seated Mr Mangan introduced Joe and Hika the Chiefs’ prop and hooker.

They had four main messages-

  • Read
  • Eat breakfast
  • School is cool
  • Set goals

They also talked about their practices and training.  They let us ask lots of questions.

At the end they gave out posters and balls as rewards for best questions and comments.

We were very lucky to meet the two Chiefs’ players and hear their very cool messages.

by Room 9