I See TED People

At TED|India the genius that is Pranav Mistry revisits his sixth sense device, shares other human interface devices he’s worked on in the past and shows us a possible future of ubiquitous information and gesture based digital interaction.   He also reveals that the software behind sixth sense technology is to be released as open source.

If you’ve seen sixth sense before – there’s more here, as well as an unusual use for a regular sheet of paper.  If you can’t wait, the real fun starts at about 8:00 minutes in.

Where does this guy get his ideas?


Minority Report 2

Be warned- this is  very video heavy post

A Saturday morning tweet by @betchaboy


prompted me to refresh my memory…

I’ve blogged about this Oblong interface before, but I’d forgotten how slick it really was (apart from the naff gloves).

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

Here it is being used to edit video/movie elements together.

oblong’s tamper system 1801011309 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

Breed it selectively with this…

a handful of these….

and don’t forget the “glass” wall at the beginning of the Microsoft Future Vision 2019 video. That’s not a glass wall, its a touch screen offering real time translation of voice and text.  The children could be separated by half a world.

Is the combined DNA of these products a likely future tool of interactive education? Or will schools, as we know them, have ceased to exist by then?


A Glimpse into the Future?

A month ago I sent this tweet about a video at MIT.

The link http://is.gd/nBFI goes to an article at Computerworld.com that includes a video that is amazing.  It looks a bit clunky at the moment, (I compared it to this polished MicroSoft promo) but imagine what it could be like! I’d intended to blog about it, but other things came up and it slipped my mind/fell to the bottom of my to do list.

Today I found a video on TED that explains more about “Sixth Sense”.  Watch it below.

Remember that this is a prototype.  What if it was integrated onto our clothing or mobile devices?  The possibilities are almost endless.