Your Face in Space

My daughter knows I love everything to do with space and space travel so she sent me a link to this site.  You can be a part of space history and send your photo to space aboard the last space shuttle missions.  If you want to do it you’ll have to get a parent to help because you have to be over 13 to take part.

If you want to do this at school ask your parent(s) to write me a note giving permission.  I’ve already done mine and I can’t wait to get the certificate in November when STS-134 (Endeavour) lands back on earth.

Here’s me at school last year with astronaut Colonel Eric Boe.  He was the pilot of the Endeavour in November 2008.

Mr F.


The other day I installed a new widget.  It’s over there on the right.


It tells you where your blog visitors have come from in the last 24 hours.  Then it lets you view where they are in Google Earth.


So I did that and had a look at where some of our visitors lived.  I could go all the way down to street view.  Then something weird happened… our visitors showed up somewhere else!  Watch the video.  What do you think?

Can this be true?  How do you think this has happened?  Wouldn’t it be great, our first visitors from another planet!

Mr F.

Send a Postcard to Space

Hi Room 9, I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays.  I see that some of you have been on the wiki – well done!

I’m sure you all remember our visitor Eric Boe who came to school to tell us about space, NASA and the International Space Station (ISS).

Eric Boe and Mr F

Eric Boe and Mr F

There are a few astronauts on the ISS at the moment and one of them has a birthday.  Ask your parents first, but if you’d like to send a birthday card to Michael Barratt (in space) click on this link and follow the instructions.  Where it says “Type your city” I also added NZ so that he’d know it was from New Zealand.

I wonder if he’s having a birthday cake?

Mr F.

P.S 18 page views to go! [11:18pm, April 16]