Team Energize

After morning tea today the Year 3s went to our new AstroTurf. We met three people that were part of Team Energize, Anton, Sarah and Dane

We went to play some games with Dane.  Room 10 was with Sarah and Room 9 was with Anton.

We played games called Blast Off, Connect, Partner Tag and Numbers. We played all those games in about 40 minutes.

We had lots of fun playing games with Dane. At the end we were hot and thirsty.

by Room 11


The whole school skipped on Friday morning.  We were raising money for the Heart Foundation through Jump Rope for Heart.  Here’s Room 13 with their skipping.

Room 13

Hoop La!

Room 13 and the other year 4 classes have had Wintec students at school for the last few weeks.  Here’s one of the activities we did with them.

Skiing on Mount Ruapehu

I went skiing on Ruapehu last weekend and brought in some photos and movies to share with Room 9.  In these photos and movies me and my sister Ashleigh went skiing in the weekend.  And we don’t have to do it with poles.

by Room 9

My First Game of League

It was as cold as ice at Fairfield Park with only shorts on and a top.

The game started.  Our first half of the game we got puffed and nervous while people cheered for us.  My friend passed the ball to me.  We were tied 5 all after I got a score.  I got the ball and I got tackled.  I passed it to my friend.  He kicked the ball then I ran up, caught the ball and SCORED.

Finally it was half time.  We had a drink of water.  The second half began.

They kicked off.  I caught the ball and ran off and got tackled.  Their shoulder went straight into my tummy like a bullet.

My friend said, “Are you alright?”
“Have a break.”

“Are you alright?’ said the manager.
“Have a break and then go back on.”

Oh no!  They score.  No!  They get another score. NO!  WE LOSE!

by RahCon

Winning Cross Country

Cross Country

Cross Country

On Tuesday May 19 we had our school cross country.  I had butterfies in my tummy.

Then the year 4 boys lined up, then Mr F said on your marks, get set, go!!!!   Then we went off.  Then I was in front of everyone there.  I had to run 2 laps around Glenview Park.

At the end I won. I got picked for the interschools.

A few weeks later we had the interschools.  It was the 11th of June at Resthills Park.

About 15 minutes into school Mrs T came and got me from class.  We went in the car.

It was the year 5 girls, then the year 5 boys.   Then it was the year 4 girls after it was the year 4 boys (which I was in ).  I was on the line ready for the man to say go!

Then he said go! But I was not ready so I ran as fast as I could and I was winning? I was sprinting the whole time and I was the winner.  I had no more energy left.  After the year six races we were given certificates if we got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th.

by SteMat

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A Letter From Richie McCaw

richie blur edit

We all got a letter

On Monday we got a letter from Richie McCaw.

It asks us if we wanted to play for the Small Blacks.  We all said yes!

We play for Melville.  We play Rugby – it’s just what we do.

by SteMat, NatKan and ???
[image altered and “name” withheld at parental request]