Time Lapse

After reading the Neinsteins’ blog during quad blogging we decided to try a time lapse of our own. Here’s the first …. there’ll probably be many more.

Smiles for Christchurch

We are writing letters to a school in Christchurch as part of ‘chip-in for Christchurch” day on July 15. In our letters we are including a QR code to a YouTube video we made- “Smiles for Christchurch“.  You can see the video below.

by Room 11

Speaking of QR Codes…

It seems my time is spent on Twitter these days, but here’s a new post for my edublogs blog. I saw a link from Mashable on Twitter today and it gave me an idea for a class project.  Here’s a quick video I made to explain.

Of course it needn’t be the student’s own face that the talking mouth is added to.  It could be a character from a book, an historical character or anyone/anything else that suits.  I didn’t use a QR code on my image, but if you use a QR Code generator and upload videos to YouTube you can use the same QR enabled device for many different objects.

The original Mashable post is here.

And this is me… (click the image to embiggen)




The whole school skipped on Friday morning.  We were raising money for the Heart Foundation through Jump Rope for Heart.  Here’s Room 13 with their skipping.

Room 13

Hoop La!

Room 13 and the other year 4 classes have had Wintec students at school for the last few weeks.  Here’s one of the activities we did with them.

2009 Final

Year 4 Media Team – 2009

Students from rooms 7, 8 and 9 interviewed Mr Mangan last term.  They wanted to know what he thought about recycling and about Glenview becoming an Enviroschool.

The team only had one camera – see if you can work out how they filmed the interview.

There were lots of photographs taken and I’ll add them here later.

Mr F

Just a Test

Following a tweet from @abfromz


I thought I remembered something about how to, so I checked the Animoto site and sure enough there were some details about exporting to YouTube and then embedding the resulting video.


So that’s what @abfromz did… you can see her embedded video here.  It worked.

I decided that there must be an easier way and, after a few minutes searching found this “Embedding Animoto in WordPress!” – I followed the link to VodPod and dragged the bookmarklet to my Firefox bookmarks bar (also works with Google Chrome, but not IE8).

I went to my Animoto page, clicked the bookmarklet and…

vodpodchromeI was thinking of posting to my WordPress.com blog, but I’m using that for my 365 photos.  I knew that Edublogs was based on WordPress, so I filled in my details, added a bit of text and the video was embedded.  It took a few minutes for it to show up, but it worked.  You can see the embedded Animoto below…

…and that’s when I decided to make the test post into something more substantial.

more about “Just a Test“, posted with vodpod