Paying it Forward…

Last week my premium subscription to PBWorks (the new name for PBWiki) expired.  I’d won it in a PBWiki competition last year…I promoted PBWiki and completed wiki tasks that earned points and, eventually, a free wiki upgrade.

I viewed the email with a little dismay, even though our wiki has been underused so far this year and my new role out of the classroom means it’ll probably continue that way for a little while.

I responded to the notification, letting PBWorks know that US$99 was out of my reach and that I’d manage without the upgrade.  My response was interpreted as a PBWorks support request and I was automatically assigned a number/ticket and informed that I’d hear from them soon.  I sent a message back saying it was only a pecuniary problem  and that everything was OK.

Later that day there arrived another message from PBWorks – with a smiley =).

Free PBWorks

Free PBWorks

Kristine and the PBWorks team had given me two free upgrade vouchers.  Each lasts a year and can be applied to one or two wikis.  Effectively I’d just been given a free two year upgrade.

I’ve redeemed one of the vouchers, but I’d like to share my good fortune and pay it forward.  So, if you’d like me to apply the other one to your class PBWorks wiki, just leave your wiki’s address in the comments.  First in – first served.  Of course, if it’s you, please PayIt Forward in some way.

And again, thanks Kristine and PBWorks!


Going to Australia Part 1

This Tuesday I’m going to Brisbane, Australia to see my cousins. I’m very, very EXCITED! We are going to Dreamworld, Movieworld and maybe Whitewater world. My cousins are Holly (11 years) and Emma (9 years). I am going to play with my Nintendo DS lite on the plane. I have been to Aussie 7 times.

by MatSav

[originally posted on our wiki]