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When I'm Sixty Five

When I’m Sixty Five

This about my life.  It might not be accurate, but it includes my hopes and dreams.

It all started, well you know, with the whole birth and stuff, but let’s just skip over that part.

From 2009 to 2014 I want to Glenview Primary School.  Then came Melville Intermediate for two years.  From 2017-2023 I attended Melville High.  I did really well even though the work was really hard.

After High School I had my dream job in mind, so I set out to find an S.P.C.A.  I was looking and looking and the only one I found was in Frankton.  I thought about it and knew it was the right job for me.  The first day was like your first day of school and you don’t want to leave your mum and dad.  Well instead of your mum and dad it’s your car.  But I was a big girl and walked in.  After three months of training I was a master and I loved animals more and more everyday.  I grew a special love for a few cats and one dog.

I was still only young and lonely and I needed a man.  It was my friend’s sweet sixteen and she invited everyone from our old school, so all my old crushes were there.  I got to see all my old friends. I thought this party couldn’t get any better… but it did.

Now this is the part where I meet my husband.  This is important so read this carefully. I thought this party couldn’t get any better, but it did! My BIGGEST crush (now husband) came and started talking to me. One of my old friends purposely pushed me him into me.  I dropped my purse and went to pick it up and so did he.  As soon as we picked up everything we came up at the same time and we looked into each others eyes and, well one thing led to another, and now we have been happily married for forty two years.

We have one boy and two girls, but I have more than three babies. My cats and dog mean sooo much to me and my husband too.

I still work at the S.P.C.A. , but because my kids had to go to university I had to get a new job to help pay for it.  Now I run a successful business selling pets and pet products to loving owners.

Now I’m cooped up in my home, old and rickety, but still loving life just the way it is.

by Kylie


2014-04-17 11.29.46

Josh likes playing cricket and versus lots of hard teams. He’s 11 years old and a Year 6. He plays for Boys High A.K.A Old Boys.

When he gets nervous he flicks himself with his rubber band that he keeps on his wrist .

His cricket bat is a Puma brand . So is his red cricket ball.  He and his Dad practise everyday. That’s how he gets player of the day so often. He also has a secret power to control the ball when he’s bowling.  Sometimes he organises a game at school in the breaks.

His current school is Glenview Primary, but he wants to go to Hillcrest School because his friends next door go there and because there’s nice teachers, not like Ms Kai.

He likes spaghetti bolognese and spicy noodles. People think that’s disgusting.

By Ciaran, Year 5

Warriors of Apocalypse

‘’They won’t stop coming, It’s almost as if they are multiplying behind my back.  I’m so tired of running away.”  I knelt down and thought out loud, I need to get out of the swamp quick, I’ll get eaten alive. I noticed my arms were mutating faster, so I ran out of the swamp in search of civilisation.

I noticed some smoke rising in the distance. I trudged through the grassy swamp until I got to some smoky ruins. I could hear lifeless groans surrounding me… a big herd of zombies was slowly creeping up behind me.

I raced up to the town, but it was deserted. Windows were smashed, cars were burning in the middle of the road.  Destruction was spreading like a bloody wine stain on a clean tablecloth.

I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a cracked window and realised in horror that my eyes were turning crimson! I felt a weak claw scratch my shoulder I turned my head and saw that a huge mob of angry undead was coming my way! ‘’Aahhh!’’

I sprinted away, but there were so many of them everywhere. I realised that I had run into a blind alley and I knew  was no time to turn back, this might be the end. Pressing my hands up against the back wall, I felt an assemblage of steam pipes bolted to the wall and realised there was still hope.

I grabbed a steam pipe and tried to rip it of the wall, but it wouldn’t budge. I placed my foot on the wall and pulled as hard as I could. I felt the bolts loosen, the zombies were getting closer and closer. I tore at the pipe and it finally extracted itself from the wall. I turned to the undead and started to clout them down to the ground! I escaped from the dead end with a smack of my pipe and, with the words ‘’Not safe here,’’ in mind, I abandoned the town.

I roamed for hours until I came upon an expanse of tundra. The dry sandy air blew into my eyes and blinded me.  I lost balance and passed out….

Suddenly I woke up and saw a blurry silhouette of a z…z…zombie? My eyes adjusted to the light. No, it wasn’t a zombie, it was a guy.

“Hey, hey wake up. Are you alright?’’ whispered the mysterious guy.

“Yeah I guess…’’ I looked past his face and saw four other people.

The mysterious guy started talking again. ‘’You managed to make it to our refuge alive! You are now a part of the Warriors of Apocalypse Gang. What’s your name’’

‘’Marzia,’’ I answer.

‘’Great! My name is Felix and this is Marcus.  I have something to fix your arms, but anyways welcome to the gang.”


                                                                                       THE END…



Fossils are formed when an animal dies and falls to the ground. That’s when other animals in the world stomp all over the bones. The bones are covered in dirt, creature waste, mud and rock. The rock forms around the bone and sucks out the water from the bone. So when people find fossils they’re actually rock because the rock takes the shape of the bone.

Dinosaur Hunters
The first almost or fully complete dinosaur was the famous Ichthyosaurus. Discovered by Mary Anning and a dog that probably reminded her of her father. Then the dog disappeared because its job was done. Most people don’t think that 12 year old girl found the rare Ichthyosaurus but she did find the creature in 1812. Some people say it was her brother Joseph, not the dog, who helped her find it on the cliff of Lyme Regis.

At first Joan Wiffen found only sea creatures. In 1975 Joan Wiffen found her first land dinosaur fossil in the Mangahouanga Stream near Napier. She used it to prove there were actually dinosaurs living in New Zealand a long time ago. After several years Dr Ralph Molnar confirmed in 1980 what Joan had hoped. That she finally found a tail bone of a land dinosaur. She found a tail bone of a theropod. After a while she had more successes of finding air and land creatures. She found the following: sauropod, pterosaur and a bit of the foot from another or maybe the same theropod.

by Stella

If you want to know more about Mary Anning you could read Stone Girl Bone Girl by Laurence Anholt

If you’re in a New Zealand school you could read Level 3 School Journal, September 2012


1# Many Females of the Tussock family have no wings
2# The Hawk Moth is the fastest insect ever
3# Some Moth antennae are like birds feathers
4# Cecropia the moth is america biggest
5# Some moth caterpillar have such as ‘Io’ are covered in stinging hairs
6# Moths heat up their flight muscles by vibrating their wings
7# Moths are attracted to light
8# Male moths have bigger antennae than female moths
9# Hummingbird moths wings beat 70 time per second
10# Moths eat nectar
11# There are 160,000 species of moths in the world

Moths live in the bark of trees and on the bottom of leaves and plants.  Rachel has drawn a Moth in its habitat for readers to look at.

by Hannah

illustrations by Rachel

Cross Country

Warming up, just looking around at the puffed red hot faces drooling like dogs. Feels like eels swimming in my stomach. Walking up to the starting line. Clap as the two wooden blocks smack together. The noise of everybodys feet tramping like a stampede. Trying to get a good spot. All the girls trying to not get stomped over. All of us competitive while everyone else sits on a big roll of tarpaulin cheering us on. The teachers all around the cross country course pointing to us where to go. As we pass Mr Mangan on our second lap it makes me feel good. “One more lap,” I say thinking to myself. As I get to the cones I sprint. Running up as fast as I could. I feel so proud of myself because I did it non stop. As I sit down my face is brighter than a big round tomato.

All from Daynah.M

My Dogs

Room One started using Google Apps yesterday. Today when I got home from a meeting in Auckland I found this in my inbox. Working at home = awesome. 🙂


My Dogs by Daynah

Mr F.