At an unconference in Auckland yesterday, Jill Hammonds showed me this little blogging client that she uses with her wordpress blog. I think I’ll try it in class instead of the SRWare option I have at the moment.


Update: Takes its proxy settings from internet explorer, but has no way to work with proxy servers that require authentication like schoolzone.  😦

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To Blog…

The next thing to consider is how to use these tools yourself and then introduce them to the class.

I started of by publishing all children’s work myself.  Usually I would say, "When you’ve finished that piece of writing I’ll publish it on the blog".

For an item brought to share with the class I’d photograph it with my phone, bluetooth the photo to my laptop and upload it to the blog (about 2 minutes work).  I’d add "story coming…" under the photo and ask children to download/print out a blog template and write their story/information into it for adding to the photo.  Then I’d type it up.  Occasionally I’d log in to wordpress and guide children through blogging(publishing) their own writing. Finally I settled on using Windows Live Writer.

Windows Live Writer

Coming soon-setting up & using Live Writer.