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By Jason

How do you write?  Do you do anything different to Jason?  Is there anything else Jason could do?


The whole school skipped on Friday morning.  We were raising money for the Heart Foundation through Jump Rope for Heart.  Here’s Room 13 with their skipping.

Room 13

Hoop La!

Room 13 and the other year 4 classes have had Wintec students at school for the last few weeks.  Here’s one of the activities we did with them.

2009 Final

Year 4 Media Team – 2009

Students from rooms 7, 8 and 9 interviewed Mr Mangan last term.  They wanted to know what he thought about recycling and about Glenview becoming an Enviroschool.

The team only had one camera – see if you can work out how they filmed the interview.

There were lots of photographs taken and I’ll add them here later.

Mr F

My Garfish and Crab

Garfish & Crab

Garfish & Crab

On Sunday me, my mum and some of my friends went  fishing out at Raglan Wharf.

We didn’t have any success so I went crabbing we caught a HUGE CRAB.  At the end we looked at two boys catching heaps of garfish.  We watched sombody put down one of the garfish.  I asked somebody if I could have one.  He said yes.  Harry asked my mum if he could have one my mum said, “Well you should ask him.”

The weekend after next I am going fishing again at Raglan Wharf and next time we may get a fish.  Next time it may be a Garfish.

by EllLog


Hello new Room Niners.  Only 3 weeks of holiday left – make sure you enjoy them.  I suppose you’ve all been away to the beach and if you haven’t you’ll be off somewhere soon.  I’ve just got back from Napier where I’d been camping with my family for a week.

We had a look around the town at all the buildings that were rebuilt after the 1931 earthquake. Later we went for a walk by the sea and a drive up to a viewpoint on Bluff Hill that overlooks the port.

Napier Port from the top of Bluff Hill

Napier Port from the top of Bluff Hill

The next day we went to The National Aquarium of New Zealand – Te Whare Tangaroa o Aotearoa.  There were heaps of things to see, sharks, stingrays, piranha, a crocodile, eels, a 3 metre long giant squid (dead) and lots of others.  I made a video to show you some of the things we saw. How many animals can you name in the video?

Now I’m starting to get ready for school, the new term and a new class.  What have you been doing? E-mail me at glenview9@gmail.com and let me know.


Jump Rope for Heart Day

Stories coming…