My Dogs

Room One started using Google Apps yesterday. Today when I got home from a meeting in Auckland I found this in my inbox. Working at home = awesome. 🙂


My Dogs by Daynah

Mr F.

My Pets

Skylar Adder

My Cat Adder


This is my cat Adder. He was 7 cat years old. He was an old cat.  I love him so much.  Sometimes when I look at the photo I start crying. When I was little my dad got me Adder and I got to name him.  I said Adder.  When I was 5 we got another cat called Mooch.  Adder and Mooch were friends. 

ThoSky Charley

My Dog Charley


I had a dog called Charley.  He was a good dog.  I loved him.  He had black eyes and a black collar. He was Brown.  He looked like Schnitzel von Krumm from Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy.  At Easter last year my cats Mooch and Adder ran away. When I got home from the Blue Lake I was crying because we have lost 4 pets.  Mooch and Adder ran away and my rabbit died and Charley got sold.  Now I only have my brown tabby cat called Billy.